Voice over IP
USAGL - Dienste - Voice VPN
USAGL - Dienste - Data VPN
USAGL - Dienste - Traveller VPN
Global VoIP
The whole world at the fixed price attainable.
Global 800
World-wide your company is free of charge attainable.
Voice VPN
world-wide data connection at the fixed price.
Data VPN
Datenanschluss zum Festpreis.
Traveller VPN
World-wide binding of your coworkers.

    Germany Flat 19,00 US$
    US/Canada Flat 19,00 US$
    Europe Flat 49,00 US$
    Global Flat 199,00 US$
... and many more country flats

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We exclusively work on basis of the assignment guidelines of the International Telecommunication Union.

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