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Why USA Global Link left?

1. High quality

The global - network exists both in the long distance (Backbone) as well as within the city range exclusive from glass fiber. The nets are completely shifted in rings. If one half precipitates, the connection without losses is led across the other ring half. A net network of at least 99.99 % makes possible. The nets genutzen of us are supervised in the own network control center around the clock. In addition we offer a 24-hour-7-Days-Service and a free Servicehotline to our customers.

2. Low costs

The USA global left is admits for his pioneer work in the range low price telephone services and guarantees a fair price structuring and transparent calculations. In addition belong e.g. in the Telefonie second-exact accounts without additional connecting prices and a clear price structuring with only one time belt. The USA global left was the first US offerer that the zoning in the price lists infiltrated and instead of its a fair price structuring for each country introduced.

3. Simple handling

We connect you directly by the copper lines of the "last mile" with our Backbone. The necessary hardware, like DSL modems is supplied by us, taken over firmly installed and configured or the existing kupferader by the AT&T, MCI or Verizon.

4. Experience

The USA global left one of the first offerers global acting was, who offered services for enterprises successfully in the low price telephone service since 1992.

In the meantime the USA global were left the world-wide largest alternative offerer of TK services, who realized a world-wide conversion of over US$250 millions annual turnover without artificial purchases.

From the additional purchase wave in the years 1997/1998/1999 enormous resulted, unrealistic TK companies today still with the integration problems of their achievements to fight have and these problems on the back of their customers often deliver.

So the USA Global Link were left the first alternative TK - Provider with the International Telecommunication Union (international communications union) had locked the contract for the circuit of universal Freephone Numbers and already 1998 world-wide the FreePhone service offered.

Likewise the USA global were left that world-wide first offerers of webbased call baking services and created thus a functional service around the Blockingsysteme of monopoly companies such as Cable&Wireless to go around and successfully thus also affordable telephone - and data services in countries to bring from the liberalisation of the TK landscape still today years are distant.  

1997 introduced the USA Global Link left as first TK offerers the Internettelefony and realized thereby for the first time in practice connections phon CETOP hone via InterNet. (the world-wide spreading at that time unfortunately failed because of the too small interconnect capacitances of the entrance offerers, e.g. the German Telecom or AT&T).

The USA Global Link left is the only, really global acting TK enterprise, which offers high-quality TK services in 120 countries of the earth to your enterprise.

Ask the TK advisor of her confidence, it it will confirm.

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